About ME

Chris is a successful young drummer and teacher. Teaching all levels from beginner to advanced. With over 10 years experience, he has performed at all levels including recording sessions and touring throughout the UK and Europe.

He has studied with world renoun drummers such as:

  • David Garibaldi

  • James Murphy 

  • Zigaboo Modeliste

  • Ralph Salmins

  • Dan Foord

  • Neil Martin

  • Louie Palmer


His passion for playing and teaching is unquestionable. Chris has played in many different musical situations from funk, pop, metal and even his local brass band. Chris studied at the prestigious Institute of Contemporary Music in London. 

He has ran his own successful drum school since 2007, having a 100% pass rate with the Rockschool exam syllabus. He is currently based in the Bedford / Milton Keynes area. 

Chris was he Head of Drums at the successful Loughton Music Academy in Essex as well as the UK drum tech for legendary New Orleans drummer Zigaboo Modeliste.



"Chris has been teaching my son Gabriel for just over a year. The improvement I’ve seen has been amazing. What’s impressive is how he can get him to grasp quite complex techniques by explaining them in a way an eight year old can understand. I would recommend Chris to anyone!!"

Gianni Carofano

"I can't recommend Chris highly enough. He is a fantastic teacher. He has so much patience and is so encouraging. I have never played an instrument before and picked up my first pair of drums sticks at 52. Thank you Chris I am enjoying every minute of my lessons. "

Maria Marsh

 "Chris is a world class musician and teacher. My 8 year old son has been playing the drums for almost 2 years now and Chris has been his drum instructor from the beginning. Chris has a teacher's heart. Chris is caring and patient. He is also extremely experienced, professional and passionate about what he does. Being young himself, Chris brings a cool and fun approach to lessons. Thanks to Chris, my son has made incredible progress and continues to gain passion and inspiration from him. I highly recommend Chris to drummers of all ages and skill levels."
Kristine Pampellonne